Braided Hairstyles

Prom! The big night is looming over the horizon! After a lot of deliberation, you have finally found the perfect dress. But, you spend many sleepless nights pondering over your hairstyle. Should you put it up in a bun to show off your backless dress? Or do you want to flaunt your cascading tresses? Braids cross your mind but you dismiss them, the memory of your crimped pigtails in middle-school still rather fresh.

Side-Braided Puffy Hair With Textured Curls:

To get this romantic prom look, start by adding volume to the roots of your natural blonde hair. Now, create luscious, textured curls on the long layers and secure a side braid behind your ear with bobby pins.

Loose Waves With Waterfall Braided Side Sweep:

A waterfall braid can be a great choice for jazzing up your prom night look. Part your golden blonde waves to one side and turn the side sweep of the larger section into a waterfall braid. Finally, secure it under the loose locks.

Long Middle-Parted Wavy Hair With Twin Braids

If you think that a bun is the only way to style your long hair for a perfect prom look, you are wrong. Keep your center-parted super long wavy locks loose, braid up the front hair separately along the hairline, and secure them at the sides with bobby pins.

Tight Half Braided Ponytail With Embellishment

Smoothen your long, straight, ombre hair and start braiding it up tightly from the middle of the back. As you reach the nape of the neck, secure the braid with an elastic band and make a ponytail. Now, use a pretty hair accessory to hide the elastic band.

High Tight and Messy Fishtail Braid With Flowery Top

This is a unique, high, fishtail braid in which the upper section is given a flowery semi-circular shape and the lower part is widened by pulling outward gently. The light brown highlights on the dark brown hair and a slightly tangled finish have made the style just right for the prom night.

Side-Braided Textured Curls

Part your golden blonde hair to one side and turn its ends into large textured curls. Now, braid up the smaller section tightly and secure it at the back, under the loose locks, with bobby pins.

Glossy High Braided Bun With Super Long Braid

Smoothen your super long hair, pull it back tightly at the crown, and braid it up neatly. Fold the braid around its own base a few times and create a high braided bun. Then, place the braid on your shoulder and apply a serum to give the whole hair a glossy effect.

High Twisted Braided Ponytail With Braided Wrap

Smoothen and texturize your highlighted, ash blonde hair. Create a high ponytail on it and turn it into a thick, wide, twisted braid. The braided wrap and the curvy structure have made it a true party style.