Wavy Hairstyles

Super long hair with magical waves – what more do you need to look seductive? If you are not yet obsessed with sleek straight hairstyles, you will simply love this page. Here, we have compiled a list of top 50 hairstyles to flaunt beautiful long waves charmingly. These are sure to impress as well as inspire you from all aspects.

Textured Soft Waves With Volumized Crown

Let your layered waves embrace your shoulders and get their ends feathered in an outward direction. The short chin-length side bang has made the hairstyle quite charming.

Jet Black Intense Waves with Side Sweep

Create intense waves in your side-parted hair and let them rest on one of your shoulders casually. In chorus, an elegant side sweep covering a certain part of your eye should amp up your sex appeal.

Fiery Red Layered Waves with Curly Ends

If ‘bright, bold and beautiful’ is what defines your signature style the best, these wavy layers with curly ends should not be skipped by you. Stick to the fiery red shade in order to make the most of your effort.

Simple Middle-Parted Layered Waves with Wispy Points

When it comes to getting a casual look with long wavy hair, this should be the ideal choice for everyone. Just leave your center-pated layers free and give texture to their ends for a wispy flair.

High Wavy Ponytail with Messy Hair Wraps

Pull all your waves at the crown and secure them with an elastic band. Now, take a few hair strands and wrap the base of the high ponytail with them in an unorganized way. Absolutely gorgeous! Isn’t it?

Semi-High Wavy Ponytail with Lovely Poof

Getting this sizzling look is quite easy. Just create a huge poof at the top by teasing the hair as well as using lots of hairspray and turn rest of the waves into a semi-high ponytail.

Side-Parted Waves with Side Bang and Curly Ends

If you have naturally wavy hair, there is no need of fussy styling techniques to make it look good. Teased crown, long side bang and curly ends are enough to give it a differently beautiful appearance.

Wavy Ponytail

This low ponytail with delicate waves may seem to look like a boring hairstyle itself. But combine it with the loose puffed up top and that precise side bang, you will understand why we fell in love with it easily.

Smooth Wavy Ponytail

Long wavy hair can make you look extremely smart. All you need to do is smoothen up the top hair and create a low side ponytail. It will add a sporty vibe to the waves almost instantly.

Textured Waves

Texture can give waves a wonderful hold and that is why textured waves are so very much in fashion these days. That long wavy side sweep has given the entire look a dramatic retro effect.